1639 Earliest reference to golf at Monifieth found in the Kirk Session records.

19th Century

1845 First proper golf course ( 9 holes ) laid out on land leased from the Earl of Panmure.
1845 Panmure Golf Club, first club at Monifieth, founded.
1858 Artisans from the local foundry form the Monifieth Golf Club. No building so meetings held in local halls.
1871 The Panmure Medal is the first trophy competed for officially.
1870’s & 80’s Four new clubs accorded playing rights over the course. The Broughty, Courier & Electric, Dundee Advertiser and Licensed Victuallars.
1880 Course extended to 18 holes.
1883 First Club Championship Trophy, The Gilroy Trophy, played for.
1895 Monifieth member Tom Brimer wins first Scottish Amateur Championship at Carnoustie.
1898 Panmure Club move to new course at Barry. Panmure members who wish to stay at Monifieth form the Grange Club.
1898 Links Management Council formed to run the course.
1899 Clubs purchase land on which course sits for £4000 from Earl of Dalhousie.

20th Century

1906 Monifieth Club decide to build their first clubhouse costing £900.
1907 New clubhouse opened on March 30th.
1912 Land bought to lay out a new 9 hole course called the Ashludie.
1920 Scottish Golf Union founded.
1925 Monifieth Club agree to the formation of a ladies section.
1926 The first trophy for Junior Championship, the Crooks Trophy, presented.
1930 Ashludie Course extended to 18 holes.
1973 First Monifieth Ladies Open Day competition

21st Century

2002 Lady members attain full membership status within Monifieth Golf Club.

The above highlights give only the merest hint of the long history of Monifieth Golf Club , the oldest club still playing at Monifieth.

Throughout its many years Monifieth Golf Club has on many occasions been close to extinction but in times of trouble it has been the members who have rallied round and saved the day. This is best illustrated in 1906 when without a clubhouse the committee of the day declined the offer of land on the course on which to erect a building. This land was then offered to a new Temperance Club. On hearing this,100 members called a special meeting and overturned the committee decision. Without this action Monifieth Club would not have got its clubhouse and would surely have passed into the pages of history, but within a year of the decision a new building was opened on the site on which today’s clubhouse proudly sits.

The strength of Monifieth Golf Club has always been in the membership and the quality of members volunteering to be Officials. Time and time again fund raising activities were greatly supported to allow necessary extensions to the clubhouse down the years.

The Club has also been blessed with members who have excelled at golf locally, nationally and internationally and their achievements are listed separately.