Who we are

Our website address is: https://www.monifiethgolfclub.co.uk.

This GDPR notice concerns the personal data we hold about you as a member of Monifieth Golf Club.

When you become a member we ask you for the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number (or guardian’s telephone number)
  • Email Address (or guardian’s email address)
  • Date of Birth
  • Bank details (only if you have asked us to pay money into your bank account, for example if you save for Links Fees via Standing Order and are due a refund).

We use this information to process your membership, send you renewals and advise you of important club information.

Once we have added your personal information to the club v1 system, all paper documents are destroyed. The Secretary, the Captain and the Finance Convenor are the only people who have access to all of your personal data. The Match Secretaries and designated helpers have access only to the information they need in order to process handicaps and competitions.

In terms of your bank details, these are stored within our online banking system from Bank of Scotland Business. Only the Secretary and the Finance Convenor have access to this information and it will only be used to pay you money with your prior agreement.

It is the club’s policy not to share personal details with any third party. However, occasionally we share the names of members who have paid (or not paid) subs with the Links Office to ensure, where applicable, that Links Fees and Club Fees have both been paid. We also share data with Scottish Golf (see below).

You can write to The Monifieth Golf Club Secretary to ask exactly what personal information the club holds and if you wish us to delete personal information please bear in mind that if it adversely affects our ability to manage your membership of the club, then membership may not be an option for you in the future.

Members may choose to add their contact details to notice boards in order to arrange ties etc, and if you do so it is assumed that you have consented to share this information. The club will no longer add lists of members contact details to notice boards without explicit permission.

From now on you will have to opt in to receive members’ weekly email newsletters via mailchimp and many of you will already have received an email request to opt in. Please do so if you wish to be kept up to date with news and results.

If you choose to leave the club, and advise us of this fact, we will immediately delete the information we hold on club v1. In terms of the members weekly newsletter, there is an unsubscribe link on every email we send and you have the choice to unsubscribe or to continue to receive the news – many ex members do. If you have left the club, but have not advised us of that fact we may continue to retain your personal data until either you confirm your intention not to rejoin, or we are confident you won’t be returning.

If you are a junior member of the club we must now copy in a parent or guardian to all correspondence and we will be emailing you shortly to establish whether the email address we hold belongs to you or a guardian. If it belongs to you we will need a note of a guardian’s email address before we contact you via email in the future.

Scottish Golf: Central Database of Handicaps – GDPR Update

The Scottish Golf Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) is a platform that stores data of golf club members in Scotland, including name, date of birth, gender and handicapping data.
As you will be aware, the data held on the CDH is automatically provided by a club’s handicapping software every time it synchronises to the CDH, typically following the closure of a club competition when a golfer’s handicap record is updated with their latest score.

Given the source of the golfer’s data is the club’s handicapping software and this data is shared with Scottish Golf (as a third party). For more information regarding the Scottish Golf Privacy Policy, please use the link below to see how Scottish Golf control and protect their data on the CDH.


We may collect data on how you use our website. We have the ability to track things like where you click on our site and what features you use. This lets us learn what’s working well and what features we need to improve. We sometimes share this data in an aggregated form with agencies or partners that are helping us. For example, we might tell our website hosting company how many website visits we get in a given period.