Q – What is the format of the league ?

A – The league runs between October & April and is split between league & reserves. The matchplay league consists of 24 players who play in a round robin format. Reserves consists of 18 players who support the league and fill in for league members when there are call-offs. Reserves also participate in their own reserve league and this ensures everyone has a competitive game.

Q – How do I join the league ?

A – In September a notice is published on the notice board inviting members to join the league.

Q – Am I guaranteed to get in the league ?

A – Spaces in the league are created by members resigning from the league, in recent years all those who applied to join have been accommodated. There are no acceptance criteria, spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis. We would like to accommodate more members however the number of people who can play in the league is governed by Links who allocate ballots. We have a set number of allocated ballots and that determines the number of players who can make up the league. Our 1st ballot is 12 noon and during mid-winter not all players can complete 18 holes due to available light.

Q – Can I opt to play in the league or reserves ?

A – New members to the league play in the reserves and some members are happy to remain a reserve. Transition to the matchplay league is determined by resignations and spaces are allocated by the length of time a member has been a reserve.

Q – Do I need to turn up every week ?

A – No, however it is expected that all league members have 70% attendance over the October – April winter season

Q – This all appears very complicated ?

A – It is ! The league has evolved over many years and the current format is designed to get as many members involved as possible given the restrictions placed on us by limited ballots.

Q – As a club member, can I turn up to see if the league is for me ?

A – Yes, this is how most members first sample the league