A relatively quiet news week gives me the chance to share the following for consideration.

Ian Wylie and Charlie Easthaugh very kindly offered to help with the management of sweeps this year. As with anything new, the routine of checking envelopes and cards (which are sometimes done quite poorly in terms of information) and ultimately ‘closing’ competitions, initially proved extremely time consuming. At this time, I suggested that, given the results are published where everyone signs in, and are available online at the touch of a button, it was creating even more work sending them for publication to the Courier (in fact, it was also mentioned that results should be published in the newsletter- meaning four different places!). Now that we are a bit more ‘slick’ at getting sweeps done, it is something we could look at doing again although, despite offering my contact details in every newsletter, I have only had one recent query as to why this hasn’t been done this season. We could do a short survey gather opinions on this in a future newsletter but, as always, am happy to receive your thoughts more informally in the meantime.

Finally; remember and get your ties played on time!!!

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